“In research” is a series of short events created during longer period of time. Through work and presentation we are testing different performative situations that may or may not be part of the final creation “There. Nearby…” “Ways of touch is the work presented in July 2017 at The New Space, Brussels. With use of pop music live from a radio, at the specific location of the workshop, a new, unique duet with touch is tested. Through this presentation, our interest lies in observing the experiance of the viewers. Together we create an intimate space between us, based on listening to movement, body language, breathing, muscular tonality. The projection of the work remains intrinsic and without direct connection to the surroundings, including music. Without a comment, without interpretation. We try to avoid all the suggestions of love, sexuality and / or sensuality. Nobody needs to know anything about this dance.”

Choreography: Matevž Dobaj and Neus Barcons Roca