“In research” is a series of short events created during longer period of time. Through work and presentation we are testing different performative situations that may or may not be part of the final creation “There. Nearby…” The work based on listening. Trying to listen beyond meaning. To engage entirely in listening, to be formed by it and listen with all of our being. We are forming spaces where nothing is about love, about touch, about body... But only and just about that. This performance is not about love. This performance is not about a touch. This performance is not about sex. Do you think you are a good person? I think I am. This show is not about all the good people! " Through this negation, we propose various options for how to look at our work. At the same time, to some extent, we indirectly involve the spectator's intellect and place it in a semi-active position. The performance is a dance - physical, although the working material includes the elements of somatic practices. Listening alone is the main starting point. Choreographic elements hint to certain preposterous motifs, including the ones from pop culture. Work is an experiment through which we try to find out where the text is in connection to dancing.

Choreography: Matevž Dobaj and Neus Barcons Roca
Thanks to Jojo Tchabou and Festival Tobina, Paris.