Falling over contemporary dance Our dance will begin with awakening. We propose different tasks on different days. Short meditations, body work, stillness and/or using our natural vibrations of the voice to arrive, connect and enrich our perception. We will continue taking ourselves into a projection in space using our weight in different ways. Tasks will be proposed to explore different worlds of here-now with an aim to connect with our dance in full form. Taking knowledge from anatomical basis we’ll re-visit our sense of placement and continue with folding, turning, accelerating, balancing and extending. Later we’ll translate this work into short light dance phrases, swiftly spiralling through the room with experiencing a possible joy of kinetic body. With the focus on exploring our “three dimensional - multi planar” selves we will share the time observing our limits and testing our existing knowledge.

Turning contemporary dance around (intermediate) Suitable for a new promising generation of dance students, that want to get to know or/and deepen their knowledge in dance. During this class we will closely look at our energy efficiency. How can we work less to do more. How can we take another perspective on the form and different dance styles we already know. We will revisit our knowledge of turning, falling, weight transfer, floor support, flow and movement intensions. Testing all the new things we have been observing, we will start dancing fast dances through the space - flying in our jumps, sliding like ice skaters and turning for ever.

Description: When we stay together is a result of two generations joining in the rhythm of falling, creating a new unity. Making new relationships in impossible dances, impossible relationships as casual gatherings. What defines us as being together? Our bodies organised in time, sharing spaces and places? We were trying to find the proximity to another and learning from unexpected collisions. Solving problems, finding agreements. Standing together. When we stay togather is a composition, is a educational performance.
About: And here she falls. For the first time in this new landscape. Alone, but connected to others. And they spin off to the new beginnings. To the place where she is not there. When she is not here, the rain is falling. When I am not here, I can find my new space. We will meet you there, where we stay together.