Things that are apart don’t have significance, be it a body, a mass or a building. Only in relation to other things meaning arises. Things apart builds a space where “a nothing” resonates, where the breath becomes space, where the space becomes time. With each new arrival we are sharing this time together, creating and dissolving connections, like a joined exhalation of air. Things apart creates different spaces and observes how space changes. How the body corresponds with the mass and how the view is enhanced in this specific public space or this new dynamic constellation. From where are we looking in? Things apart creates different meanings and observes how they change. How the body corresponds with meaning and how the view is enhanced. Things apart creates different time and observes how the time changes. How the body corresponds? Tell Things apart. *work exists also in an Online version

Choreography: Matevž Dobaj
Creation and performance: Neus Barcons Roca, Sander Deben, Sophie Melis
Space design: Sander Deben
Photo:Borut Bucinel
Video: Miguel Perez
With the support of Artist Commons Brussels and Front@ festival.