READY MADE open practise

Ready made open practise" is a movie, a performance and a documentation of a process. It shows fragile work moments right at the beginning of the rehearsals. It is a first meeting of three artist, two dancers and a musician, entering a professional working situation. They share their artistic practise with each other and collaborate in performative situations.
Expanding space and changing horizons raises a question of where/what are we looking in/at. The space becomes emerged with the external factors and is dictating the rhythm and content. It does not offer an empty canvas but it is by itself creating a kinetic experience. It offers a dynamic landscape rather than a finite space. The focal point can travel with the strings in suggested directions, making the texture of the view smooth and active in motion.

Idea: Matevž Dobaj
Research and performance: Neus Barcons Roca, Julia Färber, Ruben Orio
Music: Ruben Orio
Photo: Andre Chapatte
Production: Artist Commons
Space: Goedele Desmet