The original environment of events is the place in which the author wants to create a metaphorical transformation of breath into word, words into space, space into time. An echo of time. The author creates diverse landscapes, reflects on and changes their meanings. How do newly formed vistas develop from a hill. From which street does our view come? At which house is it pointed? Whose window? Which body is watching and being watched? What is hidden beyond its gaze? Do people respond to his looking, his body, his movement beyond his gaze? Sometimes the meanings develop from the body itself, sometimes from the forced images assigned to the body. Perhaps sometimes, meaning doesn't matter at all.
Choreography: Matevž Dobaj
Co-creation and performance: Neus Barcons Roca, Tilen Beigot, Matevž Dobaj
Music: Tilen Beigot
Photo: David Oresic
Festival producer: Mojca Kasjak