“I will dance for you is a solo. A functional solo that it’s taking its functionality from sex and seduction as a standard base for discipline and regulation. It is introducing its power through femininity. It is answering the demands for production of body images and playing with appearances.” We are here in the same room. Together. I will dance for you. I will dance for you the same dance again and again. Again and again until the dance resonates in this room, bounces from the walls, back from you and me and reinforces itself. What do you still see. How perfect am I? This performance is not about love. This performance is not about a touch. This performance is not about sex. Do you think you are a good person? I think I am. This show is not about all the good people! " EDELWEISS, EDELWEISS, DU GRÜSST MICH JEDEN MORGEN, SEHE ICH DICH, FREUE ICH MICH, UND VERGESS' MEINE SORGEN. SCHMÜCKE DAS HEIMATLAND, SCHÖN UND WEISS, BLÜHEST WIE DIE STERNE. EDELWEISS, EDELWEISS, ACH, ICH HAB DICH SO GERNE.

Idea: Matevž Dobaj
Performance: Neus Barcons Roca
Photo: @Meyer Originals
for Solo-Duo festival, Cologne