We are Matevž Dobaj and Neus Barcons Roca, a choreographic team based in Brussels, working together since 2013. Together we created a number of shorter pieces and evening works. Our work is driven by explorations of perception, recently with the emphasis on breath and breathing. We move through our artistic experiments questioning our body limits, physical and mental projections into different narrative layers in strong connection to the landscapes we operate in.
Our practise is strongly connected to breathing - as an integral part of movement and dance, a proximity point where material (carnal) and the symbolic meet. It is an expression dealing with the functions, shape and kinetics of the body in relation to its social, cultural and political frames. It represents the place where activity and expressivity are tied back to the material body.


INFLATABLE FUTURES (research title)

Can we imagine a world, where you can steal a breath from another, where breathing is a commodity you can trade. When breathing is urgent. Can we envision new bodies - completely self sustainable and stop breathing?

upcoming residencies:
10.1. - 15.1.22 — Kunstencentrum BUDA
27.6. - 2.7.22 — Kunstenwerkplaats
25.7. - 29.7.22 — Summer studios P.A.R.T.S.
1.8. - 7.8.22 — GC De Rinck
15.8. - 21.8.22 — GC De Rinck

Air is without definite form. It spreads and get wasted. It burns to consume itself and longs for infinity.