“Etudes for fun is a performance of little miniatures, studies. Like in music we are practising with the help of etudes. Practising the element of popularity. We are trying to become masters in creating things we all want to see. To be popular means hard work and hard work a lot of practise. Each study, exercise, has its own topic. Its leading motive. In the first part (ETUDE 1 : Strings of attachment) you could see the string’s vibration. Vibration of an invisible space that is building and connecting relationships, echoing in good music and leading us towards total relaxation. In the second part (ETUDE 2: “Lets dance!”) there is a promise of an almost real dance performance with a possibility of the grand spectacle.”

Research and performance: Neus Barcons Roca, Matevž Dobaj
Voice: Maruša Majer
Camera: Boris Bezic
Production: Mojca Kasjak - Plesna Izba Maribor
Support: JSKD, MOM