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Dancer, choreographer and teacher from Spain. In 2007 Neus graduated at L’Institut del Teatre Barcelona and received a scholarship with Jenifer Muller in New York. After exploring dance and art scene in US and Europe, she continued her studies at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance), where she graduated in 2012 and was a guest in Bodhi Project with the choreographers Nigel Charnock and Jelka Milic. The invitation to take part in Ultima Vez Research program brought her to Brussels, where she is based since 2014. During the years, Neus collaborated with artists in different fields of dance performance, video dance and visual art -Stephanie Thiersch (Mouvoir), Britta Lieberknecht, Karen Bößer, Nazanin Fakor, Isabella Soupart among others….-.

After finishing the studies at Medical university Maribor, Slovenia, Matevž continued his formal education at Salzburg, Austria experimental academy of dance - SEAD (2010). Already in this time he knew dance, art and medicine will always be strongly intertwined. His education offered him a special insight into body, science and society. Now he directs his focus on questions of interpretation, body states and works with somatic approaches. Matevž was active in Slovenian dance scene and after moved to Brussels in 2014 where he performed with several artist in different venues in Belgium and abroad. He collaborated or performed in works of Francesco Scavetta, Les Gens d'Uterpan, Bud Blumenthal, Dieter Defurne, Maayan Danoch, Snježana Premuš …