Things that are apart don’t have significance, be it a body, a mass or a building. Only in relation to other things meaning arises. Things apart builds a space where “a nothing” resonates, where the breath becomes space, where the space becomes time.
By/With: Matevž Dobaj, Neus Barcons Roca, Sander Deben, Sophie Melis
26.8.-30.8.19 Fronta Festival Murska Sobota; "new creation"

Neus and Matevž are young choreorgaphers who have created this webpage as a platform to make their work more accesible. The page offers a brief encouter with their performative ideas, teaching effords and personal practises.

all we can do

There. Nearby...

Tja.Blizu... was reviewed as one of the best slovene performances in 2018 by Niko Gorsic ; "There. Nearby... is intensive and emotional dance debut."

Aleksandra Saška Gruden for Radio ARS: " ...they move in some kind of vortex space, we could say in the space between molecules, that give their moves an almost supernatural experience." "TJA.BLIZU... puts into question the dilemmas about the reality of the seen or the illusions of what we have just been seening. It establishes doubts about the mass of the space in which we move and presume the reality of the intermediate, invisible space."


Then and there are the dates:

22.2 - 25.2.19 ZPS Maribor; contemporary dance classes

26.2.19 There.Nearby... PTL, Ljubljana

8.6.2019 Untilted by Neus Barcons Roca; VDH Brussels

19.8-23.8.19 Dansstage MUDA Evergem; contemporary dance classes

26.8.-30.8.19 Fronta Festival Murska Sobota; "Things apart"


There. Nearby... was selected for Aerowaves 40 wink

Neus and Matevž are part of the Artist commons;